Opinion – Chrome Revisited

Now Chrome’s been around a few weeks we can see some patterns. The first is that it’s share is slipping as people revert to FF/IE. That’s not too surprising, as you always get a launch "boost". But more worryingly for Firefox, it was they who lost share not IE. Which supports my hunch this would happen. What is unusual is that IE lost nearly 5% market share on September 6th and 7th. But not to Chrome, it would appear to have gone largely to Firefox! And then it got most of it back again on the 8th.

I’ve tried Chrome and I like it. It will make JavaScript-heavy web applications faster. But this is soon going to be an irrelevance.

The Net is moving on from Web 2.0 – it’s increasingly going to be Silverlight and Flash oriented. So "Web 3.0" is going to be much more like a desktop application – and the web browser that hosts Silverlight or Flash is pretty much irrelevant.


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