Windows 7 Release Candidate

Downloaded and experimenting with Release Candidate of Windows 7. I’m using the x86 version in a Virtual PC session (with ‘Vista’ setting). I plan to switch to Win7 once the release version appears by reinstalling my Vista x64 main workstation. That will be a long, unproductive day!

Installation: No obvious changes except new background graphics. The glowing windows logo is the same as the beta, followed by a cool graphic during "preparing for first use".

Configuration: Same

Appearance: Very similar to beta – could not see any obvious changes

Performance: The Win7 test was in a Virtual PC session with 2Gb of memory, running on a quad core box (but only one cpu assigned). Performs ok but a bit slow on clicking and UI (as one would expect with a virtual PC). May improve if I add the virtual machine addons.

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