NeXT Please!

I collect old computers and recently on eBay a NeXT cube appeared.. I was watching it and not many bids had come in, and suddenly it had been withdrawn before it ended.

On contacting the seller, he said he’d had one offer of £70 and was going to do the pictures and relist. I said would he take £200 to save hassle of relisting – and he said okay.

I had not seen a NeXT cube on eBay in the last couple of years, and even searches on eBay USA didn’t show any up. So I had been expecting it to go for maybe £500 to £1000. Getting for £200 I thought was a totally excellent result. Not many NeXT cubes were sold – it was a revolutionary system but the list price in 1989 was $6500 – most of the hardware and the spec was leading edge for it’s day.