VS2012–Testing My Patience

Another thing I’ve come across in Visual Studio 2012 is the new Test Explorer.

Where the Solution Explorer has gone from strength to strength, the Test Explorer has gone backwards.

Let’s look at the group by option in Visual Studio 2010:


Now let’s see how this has improved in Visual Studio 2012’s Test Explorer:


Okay, I know you’re working on it Visual Studio team. Release the new one in version 2011SP1 if it’s not ready. But you’ve actually killed the testing functionality in VS2012.

I used the class name as a functional part of the test, so the group by enabled me to find a set of tests related to a class, focus on those and move on.

My VS2010 grouped list looks like this:


Here is the same project in VS2010:


Now I have a sea of similarly-named test methods and no clue which one does what because I’ve lost the context of the class and project it relates to.

I have to consider renaming all my tests. Or switching back and doing my testing is VS2010 – which is exactly what I do.

Yes, I know the VS2012 team is aware of this and are planning to do something. But it’s like they removed the stairs from my house to fit a lift (elevator for those in the US) but didn’t finish the job. I’ve moved in and now have to get upstairs by climbing the scaffolding.


Since this original post, the Test team has since included the updates to the testing functionality in Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 so that you can now group by module and ‘traits’ (TestProperty attributes in VS unit tests). Thank you VS TestTeam – finally I can retire VS2010!


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